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B 12

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) has a vital role in the proper functioning of the body as it contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous and immune system and metabolic processes aimed at energy production and the reduction of tiredness and…
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MenoAde contains a unique combination of 8 vitamins, 5 minerals, soy isoflavones, rich flaxseed lignan, marine bark pine -lipoic, extract of Siberian Ginseng and sage, with beneficial effects on women's health. The D, C vitamins, K, magnesium…
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VisionAde is a dietary supplement containing a specialized formulation of nutrients and plant compounds that promote eye health. Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, vitamin B2 & psefdargyro ingredients that contribute to the maintenance…
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Cholestade combines monacolin K from red yeast developed in rice (red rice yeast) with the antioxidants CoQ10 and green tea for physical support cardiovascular health. Scientific studies have shown that red yeast rice (red yeast rice) containing…
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LiverAde is a dietary supplement designed to support good liver function, which is the cornerstone for the normal functioning of the body after performing complex daily functions. Thus the detoxification of the liver is an important parameter…
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The Royal Tonic is a specialized nutritional supplement that combines royal jelly and propolis known to stimulate and protect the company with other nutrients. Royal jelly, the most famous "Hypertrophy", rightly considered "elixir of health…
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Supplement diet with royal jelly, propolis, plant extracts, vitamin C & zinc. Yours orange-lemon flavor. Suitable for homeopathy. properties: The Propolcare syrup combines lyophilized royal jelly, propolis, herbal extracts of anise,…

Points of sale

In this map you can find the pharmacies that we co-operate with. Just click on the map and see all the details regarding the most convenient pharmacy to you. Note: Exact location may vary from this map. But, all the contact details are corr…
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Detox Salt Scrub

Detox Salt Scrub is a powerful aromatherapy blend of reviving essential oils to help tone the skin and target the appearance of cellulite. Detox Salt Scrub can be used all over the body to aid the elimination of toxins from the skin.
Relaxation Salt Scrub contains a soothing aromatherapy blend to deep cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the skin, whilst also comforting the mind and body. Relaxation Salt Scrub has been created to deep cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the…
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Detox oil 100ml

Detox is a powerful aromatherapy blend that encourages elimination of toxins, helps to tone and firm, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Detox is great for any one who wishes to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tone, and firm the…
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Romance oil 100ml

Romance Massage Oil is a deeply restful blend for the mind whilst stimulating a natural balance to the male and female hormones.
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Wheat germ oil 50ml

Wheatgerm is high in Vitamin E and has a great antioxidant action. It helps to soften and nourish and is expecially good for dry and ageing skin.
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St John’s wort oil 50ml

This St John's Wort is created by infusing the flowers (a.k.a. 'macerating') in Sesame Oil. The whole plant is said to have antibiotic properties. It is good for dry and sensitive skin, insect bites, and bruises. It also soothes stiff…
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Rosehip oil150ml

Rose Hip is a unique oil which is very high in antioxidants, vitamins and GLAs. This is a wonderful carrier to use in facial blends and is particularly good for ageing skin and for reducing the appearance of scar tissue if used daily.
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Natural Room Spray Prevention 30ml

An aromatic blend of cleansing and purifying essential oils to defend and protect. Fragrance your surroundings naturally with this beautiful, 100% natural, aroma.
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Natural Room Spray Breatheasy 30ml

This handy travel-size spray can be carried with you and spritzed to help with clearing airways, and calming winter chills.